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Music: Avishai Cohen — ‘The Ever Evolving Etude’


Music: Antonio Castrignanò — ‘Fomenta’


Music: Lars Danielsson ft. Hussam Aliwat — ‘Taksim By Night’


Music: Arve Henriksen — ‘Patient Zero’


Music: Arve Henriksen — ‘Paridae’


Music: Jon Hassell — ‘Paris II’


Music: Jon Hassell — ‘Dream Theory’

  Jon Hassell: “Dream Theory in Malaya is titled after a paper by a visionary anthropologist, Kilton Stewart, who in 1935 visited a remarkable highland tribe of Malayan aborigines, the Senoi, whose happiness and well-being were linked to their morning custom of family dream-telling—where a child’s fearful dream of falling was praised as a gift to learn to fly the next night and where a dream-song or dance was taught

At 81, Jon Hassell is still a pioneer expanding the frontiers of music

  John Lewis writes: In the late 70s, long before terms such as “world music” or “cultural appropriation” were in common usage, the trumpeter and composer Jon Hassell devised the term “Fourth World” to describe his music. It explored what he called “primitive futurism”, where shantytown squalor coexisted with hi-tech western studio technology, fusing Hassell’s early minimalist work with Terry Riley and La Monte Young with his studies of Indian,

Music: Ronu Majumdar, Ry Cooder, Jon Hassell — ‘A Day For Trade Winds’


Music: Erik Truffaz Quartet ft. Anna Aaron — ‘Blue Movie’


Music: Erik Truffaz — ‘In Between’


Music: Erik Truffaz ft. Ed Harcourt — ‘Red Cloud’


How music can fight prejudice

Tom Jacobs writes: The outpouring of hostility toward immigrants and refugees has reminded us that ethnocentrism remains a fact of life in both Europe and the United States. Combating it will require teaching a new generation to view members of different cultures as potential friends rather than threatening outsiders. But what mode of communication has the power to stimulate such a shift? New research from Portugal suggests the answer may

Music: Mayra Andrade — ‘Tchapu Na Bandera’


Music: Sona Mohapatra — ‘Ambarsariya’


Music: Sona Mohapatra — ‘Aaja Ve’