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Prosecutors ready to ask for Trump indictment on obstruction and Espionage Act charges

The Independent reports: Over the course of the last year, grand jurors have heard testimony from numerous associates of the ex-president, including nearly every employee of Mar-a-Lago, former administration officials who worked in Mr Trump’s post-presidential office and for his political operation, and former high-ranking administration officials such as his final White House chief of… Read More »

Look for a ‘speaking indictment’ of Donald Trump

Andrew Weissmann and Ryan Goodman write: An indictment does not have to spell out the alleged facts; it just needs to track the legal elements of a criminal charge. However, to explain to the American public why this is a righteous case, this indictment could (and should) be what is known as a “speaking indictment”… Read More »

The electoral threat of another Trump indictment

Aaron Blake writes: The pollster YouGov recently provided the most in-depth data on views of Trump’s legal jeopardy since shortly after his indictment in late March. It tested which of Trump’s various legal problems were viewed as potentially “serious crimes,” and how much people regard such “serious crimes” as being disqualifying. The first thing to… Read More »

So-called ‘parents’ rights’ groups such as Moms for Liberty are anti-government extremists, says SPLC

USA Today reports: The Southern Poverty Law Center is for the first time labeling Florida-headquartered Moms for Liberty and 11 other right-wing “parents’ rights” groups as extremist groups in its annual report, released Tuesday. Moms for Liberty and the other organizations are being designated as “anti-government extremist groups,” based on longstanding criteria, explained SPLC Intelligence… Read More »

The PGA Tour’s stunning hypocrisy in a deal that promises to benefit Trump and the Saudis

Jemele Hill writes: When PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan was asked last year about his indefinite suspension of 17 players for joining the rival LIV Golf league, Monahan chastised the golfers for choosing money over morality. Because LIV gets its money from Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy notorious for its human-rights abuses, Monahan implied that players who chose LIV… Read More »

Water level behind Russian-controlled Kakhkovka Dam was at historic high before it was destroyed

The Washington Post reports: A critical dam in southern Ukraine was heavily damaged after a reported explosion early Tuesday, sending water gushing toward dozens of communities, including some occupied by Russia, and prompting officials to evacuate thousands of people at risk of catastrophic flooding. Russia seized the dam, which is part of the Kakhovka hydroelectric… Read More »

How did birds master flight?

Carl Zimmer writes: In 1993, “Jurassic Park” helped inspire 9-year-old Stephen Brusatte to become a paleontologist. So Dr. Brusatte was thrilled to advise the producers of last year’s “Jurassic World: Dominion” on what scientists had learned about dinosaurs since he was a child. He was especially happy to see one of the most important discoveries… Read More »