Dallas Humber, narrator of neo-Nazi ‘Terrorgram,’ promoter of mass shootings

By | March 3, 2023

Christopher Mathias reports:

On Oct. 12, 2022, Juraj Krajčík used a laser-sighted gun to open fire outside a popular LGBTQ bar in Bratislava, Slovakia, killing two queer people and wounding a third. “Feeling no regrets, isn’t that funny?” he tweeted. He killed himself a short time later.

The 19-year-old had also tweeted a link to a 65-page screed he’d authored advocating the genocide of queer people, Jewish people and Black people. Krajčík mimicked and cited the writings of other white supremacist mass shooters, whom he referred to as “saints.” And in a “special thanks” section, he expressed gratitude for the online community that had radicalized him.

Terrorgram Collective,” Krajčík wrote in italics for emphasis. “You know who you are…. Building the future of the White revolution, one publication at a time.

It was the first time the Terrorgram Collective — a neo-Nazi propaganda outfit that uses Telegram, an encrypted messaging app, to encourage acts of far-right terror and to celebrate the people who commit them — had been cited in a mass murderer’s twisted treatise.

The Terrorgram Collective is at the heart of the international neo-Nazi accelerationist movement, the most extreme and explicit iteration of white supremacism, which advocates deadly violence and other acts of destruction to hasten the collapse of society so that a whites-only world can be built in its place. The collective produces propaganda — audiobooks, videos and memes — that travels across the web in hopes of inspiring the next Christchurch shooter, who killed 51 Muslims in two mosques; the next El Paso shooter, who killed 22 Hispanic people in a Walmart; the next Pittsburgh shooter, who killed 11 Jews in a synagogue; and the next Buffalo shooter, who killed 10 Black Americans in a grocery store. [Continue reading…]

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