Vaccinations are plateauing. Don’t blame it on ‘resistance’

By | April 29, 2021

Stefanie Friedhoff writes:

The signs are clear: The U.S. vaccine rollout is plateauing.

A remarkable 230 million shots have been given in a few short months, fully vaccinating about 95 million Americans as I write this. The next 100 million shots will be harder.

News reports are chronicling a slowdown in appointments across the nation. The number of daily doses administered is down from the peak of 4.6 million on April 10 to about 3 million today. By now, this historic effort has captured the vaccine-hungry individuals who are eager, well-resourced, technologically savvy, and excited to get vaccinated. But as fewer people sign up to get their shots, a dominant narrative is emerging: It’s because of hesitancy — too many people don’t want to get the vaccine. Some even call this vaccine resistance.

Those are convenient narratives. But they are false, and can have harmful consequences. [Continue reading…]

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