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Music: Taha El Hmidi — ‘Movin’ On’


Music: Taha El Hmidi — ‘The 5th Road’


Music: Banda Magda — ‘Trata’


Music: Banda Magda — ‘El Pescador’


Music: Banda Magda — ‘Ase Me Na Bo’


Music: Yussef Dayes & Alfa Mist — ‘Blacked Out’


Music: Yussef Dayes & Alfa Mist — ‘Love Is The Message’ ft. Mansur Brown & Rocco Palladino


Music: Niklas Paschburg — ‘Tuur mang Welten’


The effect of music

Roger Mathew Grant writes: Can a melody provide us with pleasure? Plato certainly thought so, as do many today. But it’s incredibly difficult to discern just how this comes to pass. Is it something about the flow and shape of a tune that encourages you to predict its direction and follow along? Or is it that the lyrics of a certain song describe a scene that reminds you of a

Music: Niklas Paschburg — ‘Spark’


Music: Oscar Jerome — ‘Do You Really’


Music: Kokoroko — ‘Abusey Junction’


Music: Jazzanova ft. Paul Randolph — ‘Let It Go’


Music: Wolfert Brederode Quartet — ‘Meander’


Music: Wolfert Brederode — ‘Time Remembered’ (Bill Evans)


Music: Wolfert Brederode Quartet — ‘Inner Dance’