Study suggests spins of ‘brain water’ could mean our minds use quantum computation

Study suggests spins of ‘brain water’ could mean our minds use quantum computation

Science Alert reports:

In the ongoing work to realize the full potential of quantum computing, scientists could perhaps try peering into our own brains to see what’s possible: A new study suggests that the brain actually has a lot in common with a quantum computer.

The findings could teach us a lot about the functions of neurons as well as the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. The research might explain, for example, why our brains are still able to outperform supercomputers on certain tasks, such as making decisions or learning new information.

As with much quantum computing research, the study looks at the idea of entanglement – two separate particles being in states that are linked together

“We adapted an idea, developed for experiments to prove the existence of quantum gravity, whereby you take known quantum systems, which interact with an unknown system,” says physicist Christian Kerskens from the University of Dublin.

“If the known systems entangle, then the unknown must be a quantum system, too. It circumvents the difficulties to find measuring devices for something we know nothing about.”

In other words, the entanglement or relationship between the known systems can only happen if the mediating system in the middle – the unknown system – operates on a quantum level, too. While the unknown system can’t be studied directly, its effects can be observed, as with quantum gravity. [Continue reading…]

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