Rishi Sunak to become first British prime minister of color and also first Hindu

By | October 24, 2022

The Guardian reports:

Rishi Sunak is about to become the UK’s first prime minister of colour and the first Hindu prime minister, both milestones in Britain’s evolution as a multicultural and multi-faith society.

Although there has been a marked increase in politicians of colour being appointed to senior cabinet roles, including the key posts of chancellor, home secretary and foreign secretary, the UK has never had a black or brown prime minister before.

It was “an historic moment” that “simply would not have been possible even a decade or two ago,” said Sunder Katwala of the British Future thinktank, which focuses on identity and race.

“It shows that public service in the highest office in Britain can be open to those of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds. This will be a source of pride to many British Asians – including many who do not share Rishi Sunak’s Conservative politics.” [Continue reading…]

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