Biden tours Florida hurricane damage: ‘Nobody can deny impacts of climate crisis’

By | September 3, 2023

The Guardian reports:

Joe Biden said that no one can deny the impacts of the climate crisis anymore after he visited Florida on Saturday and surveyed the damage left behind by Hurricane Idalia.

Speaking to reporters in front of fallen trees and debris, the US president pointed to this year’s extreme weather events and disasters, saying: “Nobody can deny the impact of climate crisis. There’s no real intelligence to deny the impacts of the climate crisis anymore.”

“Just look around the nation and the world for that matter. Historic floods, intense drought, extreme heat, deadly wildfires … that cause serious damage like you’ve never seen before,” he added.

Biden’s visit to Florida comes after Hurricane Idalia’s category 3 storm left a trail of damage in the state’s Gulf Coast including devastating floods, destroyed buildings and downed trees and power lines.

In what was widely seen as a snub, Florida’s right-wing governor, Ron DeSantis, did not meet Biden on Saturday as his spokesperson said that Biden’s visit might hinder recovery efforts across the state. [Continue reading…]

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