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The climate disaster is here

The Guardian reports: The enormous, unprecedented pain and turmoil caused by the climate crisis is often discussed alongside what can seem like surprisingly small temperature increases – 1.5C or 2C hotter than it was in the era just before the car replaced the horse and cart. These temperature thresholds will again be the focus of… Read More »

Concrete needs to lose its colossal carbon footprint

An editorial in Nature says: Wet concrete has been poured into buildings, roads, bridges and more for centuries. Structures using concrete have survived wars and natural disasters, outlasting many of the civilizations that built them. Alongside its strength and resilience, concrete is also a staple of building because it is relatively cheap and simple to… Read More »

Deluge in Italy sets European record: 29 inches of rain in 12 hours

The Washington Post reports: An intense complex of thunderstorms stalled over northwestern Italy on Monday, unleashing a 12-hour torrent unrivaled in the history of European weather observations. It’s the latest extreme rain event supercharged by climate change that follows a summer of historic deluges in the Northern Hemisphere. In just 12 hours, 29.2 inches of… Read More »

Urban heat is getting more dangerous

Gizmodo reports: Urban heat is more dangerous—and even deadly—than ever. That’s true for two reasons: Globally, more people are flocking to cities, and cities themselves are getting hotter due to the climate crisis. Those are the findings of a new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday. In it,… Read More »

Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney are among companies backing groups against U.S. climate bill

The Guardian reports: Some of America’s most prominent companies, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney, are backing business groups that are fighting landmark climate legislation, despite their own promises to combat the climate crisis, a new analysis has found. A clutch of corporate lobby groups and organizations have mobilized to oppose the proposed $3.5tn budget… Read More »