Media companies remain in codependent relationship with Twitter

By | December 18, 2022

The Washington Post reports:

When Twitter abruptly suspended the accounts of several prominent journalists Thursday night — in response to a baffling claim from new owner Elon Musk that they had endangered his safety — media bosses were quick to speak out in protest.

The New York Times called the suspensions “questionable.” CNN said it would “reevaluate” its relationship with Twitter. The Washington Post demanded that Twitter reinstate the account of one of its technology reporters “immediately,” noting that he had simply reported accurately on Musk. One news start-up, Puck, said it would suspend its paid advertising campaign on Twitter, while another, Semafor, was evaluating its own marketing push, according to a spokesperson.

But without exception, these media organizations kept using Twitter to promote their latest stories. Their official accounts tweeted at their usual busy paces Thursday night and into Saturday, when Musk allowed some of the suspended journalists to return. [Continue reading…]

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