Ukraine invites allies to check on their weapons donations

Ukraine invites allies to check on their weapons donations

Politico reports:

Ukraine has created a temporary special commission to monitor the flow of billions of dollars in Western weapons into the country. It’s in response to what Kyiv says is a Russian smear campaign to whip up concern in the West about its ability to effectively handle and monitor the arms.

“To date, more than a dozen international partners have provided Ukraine with various types of weapons that are already being used at the front. However, Russian propaganda, in particular, that which works in foreign countries, actively promotes the idea that Ukraine improperly uses the weapons provided by international partners,” reads the text of the commission resolution that Ukraine’s parliament passed today.

“Ukraine must prove to the whole world that the procedures for transportation, distribution at the front, and the use of international material and technical assistance are transparent and devoid of corruption or other negative factors.”

The creation of the commission comes after some U.S. and European Union officials and lawmakers have raised concerns about Ukraine’s ability to track the weapons sent to Kyiv to defend itself against Russia’s large-scale invasion. [Continue reading…]

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