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Pushing east of Kupyansk, Ukrainian forces expand offensive

The Wall Street Journal reports: The grain elevator towering over the eastern edge of Kupyansk, the former seat of Russian power in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, was supposed to be defended by soldiers from an elite Russian unit. But when troops from Ukraine’s International Legion moved to seize the compound on Thursday, part of the developing… Read More »

With Kalashnikov rifles, Russia drives the staged vote in Ukraine

The Washington Post reports: Officials in Russian-occupied territories in eastern and southern Ukraine were forcing people to vote “under a gun barrel,” residents said on Saturday as staged referendums — intended to validate Moscow’s annexation of the territory it occupies — entered their second day. Voting is taking place in portions of Ukraine’s Donetsk, Luhansk,… Read More »

Ukraine war: ‘What’s happening in Russia now is total fear’

BBC News reports: In the centre of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, a large banner is taped to a tall building, above a Ukrainian flag, that reads: “Putin, the Hague is waiting for you.” On city buses, electronic displays flick between announcing their destination and declaring “love” for Ukraine with little hearts. This week Lithuania –… Read More »

Referendums in Russian-occupied Ukraine evoke fear, anger and defiance

The New York Times reports: Russian soldiers, wearing balaclavas and wielding guns, flanked election workers. Ukrainians were forced to vote while Russian officials or their proxies stood guard. Some residents even hid in their homes, terrified that voting against Russia’s annexation would lead to their being abducted, or worse. As Russia began orchestrating staged voting… Read More »

U.S. has sent private warnings to Russia against using a nuclear weapon

The Washington Post reports: The United States for several months has been sending private communications to Moscow warning Russia’s leadership of the grave consequences that would follow the use of a nuclear weapon, according to U.S. officials, who said the messages underscore what President Biden and his aides have articulated publicly. The Biden administration generally… Read More »

Russia’s military divided as Putin struggles to deal with Ukraine’s counteroffensive, U.S. sources say

CNN reports: Russia’s military is divided over how best to counter Ukraine’s unexpected battlefield advances this month, according to multiple sources familiar with US intelligence, as Moscow has found itself on the defensive in both the east and the south. Russian President Vladimir Putin is himself giving directions directly to generals in the field, two… Read More »