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White House highlights how funding for Ukraine benefits American workers and businesses

Politico reports: Battleground states Pennsylvania and Arizona are reaping billions of dollars from Washington’s efforts to arm Ukraine, according to a graphic the Biden administration has circulated on Capitol Hill. The circulation of the graphic is part of the administration’s push to sell the American public — and their congressional representatives — on President Joe… Read More »

Ukraine says wife of spymaster Budanov was poisoned

Reuters reports: The wife of Ukraine’s military spy chief has been poisoned with heavy metals and is undergoing treatment in a hospital, a spokesperson for the agency said on Tuesday. Marianna Budanova is the wife of Kyrylo Budanov, who heads Ukrainian military intelligence agency GUR, which has been prominently involved in clandestine operations against Russian… Read More »

White House grapples with internal divisions on Israel-Gaza

The Washington Post reports: Earlier this month, a group of about 20 distressed White House staffers requested a meeting with President Biden’s top advisers, as Israel’s war in Gaza entered its sixth week. The diverse group of staffers had three main issues they wanted to discuss with White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients, senior… Read More »

‘You made me do it’

Jacqueline Rose writes: In response​ to the destruction of Gaza, it seems to be becoming almost impossible to lament more than one people at a time. When I signed Artists for Palestine’s statement last month, I looked for mention of the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli Jews on 7 October, and then decided to… Read More »

David Cameron warns Israel over Gaza civilian casualties

  BBC News reports: Lord Cameron has warned Israel that it will never be secure unless there is “long-term safety, security and stability” for the Palestinian people. In his first full interview as foreign secretary, he welcomed Friday’s pause in the fighting to get hostages out of Gaza and humanitarian aid in. But he told… Read More »

Pope Francis: ‘this is not war, it is terrorism’

The Guardian reports:Pope Francis has faced criticism for allegedly drawing equivalence between Israel and Hamas. During a general audience after meeting with Israeli and Palestinian delegations at the Vatican, the pope reportedly remarked, “They suffer so much, I heard how they both suffer.” This statement referred to testimonies brought by the Israeli group, who shared… Read More »

While a fire rages in Gaza, the West Bank smolders

Omar Shakir writes: While global attention is focused on Israel and Gaza, Israeli authorities are tightening their repression in the West Bank and Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians are surging. That repression was already at a peak before the October 7 Hamas-led attack that killed some 1200 people, mostly civilians, in Israel, but it has… Read More »