Workers in the West have indeed been repressed – but not by immigrants

Workers in the West have indeed been repressed – but not by immigrants

John Rapley writes:

One summer evening in 2015, a deranged young man entered a Black church in Charleston, South Carolina. After spending nearly an hour with the assembled prayer group, he began screaming that they were ‘rapists’ who were ‘taking over our country’, and proceeded to spray them with bullets. When he left the church, nine innocents, some of whom had tragically prayed for him, lay dead.

Within days, photos surfaced on the internet showing the killer wrapped in the flags of Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa. Before long, on the other side of the world in 2019, another terrorist perpetrated a similar act. Entering two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, he also murdered people at prayer. Soon after, not photos but a manifesto turned up on the internet. Darkly titled ‘The Great Replacement’, it cited the Charleston attacker as an inspiration, and decried the ‘Millions of invaders landing on our shores, conquering our towns and without a single shot fired in response.’ That killer would, in turn, get credited as an inspiration by yet another murderer, this one killing 10 Black people in Buffalo, New York this spring, all while he decried ‘white genocide’.

The Charleston killer’s morbid fascination with fallen white-supremacist states probably stemmed from the fact that, in them, he saw his own future. Virtually all the former European colonies of Asia, Africa and the Caribbean have gone from being importers of European settlers to exporters of workers, in the space of a few decades. If one were to visualise colonialism as a wave that washes up onto a shoreline, as Europeans fanned out across the globe, you could say we have now entered the reverse wave, as the tide recedes and the world’s white population declines. What united these terrorists was a deluded quest to somehow beat back the tide and preserve some amorphous ‘white’ civilisation.

The tragedy is that all you’d need to do to show them how misguided they are to believe whites are in any way threatened by all this would be to take them to Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) or South Africa and show them how white people there are actually doing today. The toniest neighbourhoods of Harare are still filled with white people, and South Africa’s billionaires list, still overwhelmingly white, has only swelled under Black-majority rule. The white share of the population may have declined, thanks mainly to higher Black birth rates. But their overall prosperity has only risen. And as one economic study after another tells us, the net effect of immigrants on the recipient economy is to create more jobs than they take. The immigrants in Western societies are the heroes sustaining our economic prosperity, not the villains. [Continue reading…]

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