Elon Musk quits Twitter deal, roiling Trump world

Elon Musk quits Twitter deal, roiling Trump world

Politico reports:

Elon Musk officially terminated a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter on Friday, a move that would appear to dash the hopes of former President Donald Trump and his supporters that the social media platform would loosen content restrictions that have frustrated conservatives.

The move spurred fresh attacks on Twitter’s existing management, including from Donald Trump Jr., who said it showed that censorship is going to be alive and well.

“I can almost guarantee that whatever censorship they were doing will be back tenfold at this point. Zero chance of free thought or speech there at this point,” Trump Jr. posted on Truth Social, the social media site backed by his father.

Musk has repeatedly said that he would remove nearly all restrictions on what users can post, accusing Twitter of blocking free speech as it makes decisions about which content is too harmful for the site. He has also promised to reopen the platform to the former president — who was banned after encouraging his supporters to storm the Capitol as part of the Jan. 6 riots. [Continue reading…]

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