There is a new way to see climate change

By | November 29, 2019

BuzzFeed reports:

The effects of climate change are undeniable: The past five years have been the warmest on record, and storms are becoming stronger. As a result, many media outlets have been revising their language regarding climate stories, with some going so far as to cover climate change as an emergency.

Reuters Pictures has made climate change a topic of focus, much like the New York Times and the Guardian. However, Reuters is a newswire service, meaning that unlike a traditional newspaper, its images are available to any media subscriber worldwide (including BuzzFeed News). It has produced 150 photo packages related to the environment within the past year and a half, with stories ranging from the Amazon wildfires to methane gas hunters to the melting of ice in Greenland, and as it reaches billions of people each month through its news service, it has a direct impact on how the general public sees climate change.

BuzzFeed News spoke with Corinne Perkins, the North America Editor of Reuters Pictures, and Lucas Jackson, a staff photographer who has been closely involved in this shift in coverage, about the challenges and successes of covering a global crisis. [Continue reading…]

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