‘It is not just war. It is life’: Documentary ‘For Sama’ offers rare glimpse inside war-torn Syria

By | July 20, 2019


Alex Billington: “Wow wow wow. How much of a difference there is when a woman makes a war documentary. The story of a young mother in Syria, made as a film for her daughter to watch one day. It’s remarkable. Truly horrifying & astoundingly beautiful all at once, an unfiltered story of humanity. I would even call this is a seminal film in the documentary genre. The fresh perspective we get from Waad Al-Khateab making this is phenomenal. There’s footage in this that we’re not usually supposed to ever see. I don’t think any western country would show this kind of footage – uncensored shots from a hospital. It’s so sad and yet also inspiring to see these two parents keep fighting. This the first doc I’ve seen this year that should be a guaranteed Oscar nominee. It’s more than just a time capsule, an awe-inspiring and brutally honest look at humanity that no matter what language you speak, or where you come from, will have an impact on you. You will never forget it. And hopefully more and more people will discover it with time, and forever be changed by the story Waad tells.”

For Sama is released on July 26 in New York, San Francisco, and Santa Monica.

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