Wettest winter on record in U.S. is a ‘glimpse of the future under climate change’

By | March 10, 2019

Joe Romm reports:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported Wednesday that “coast-to-coast extreme weather” from December to February resulted in the wettest winter on record in the United States.

Wetter winters are precisely what scientists have predicted as climate change intensifies, Texas Tech climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe told ThinkProgress in an email. Similarly, climatologist Kevin Trenberth pointed out, “a consequence of global warming is that the extremes around the world increase.”

NOAA reported that despite some frigid weather last month, the average temperature of the contiguous U.S. during the winter (December to February) was 33.4°F — 1.2°F above average — “ranking among the warmest third of the record.” [Continue reading…]

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