Despite what Trump says, most Americans want climate action — even if China doesn’t do its part

By | January 4, 2019

Jonathon P. Schuldt and Y. Connie Yuan write:

Eighty-nine percent of Democrats — in which we include those who identify as independents but who say they lean toward the Democratic Party ­— said they support climate action, no matter what China does. By contrast, only 53 percent of Republicans (including leaners) say the same.

But still, that means a majority of Republicans we surveyed said they want climate action, no matter what. And even among Republicans — a group that strongly supports the president — only 19 percent said the United States should take climate action “only if China does its fair share,” while 28 percent wanted no action at all. In other words, Republicans supported climate action no matter what China does over each of the alternative responses by a wide margin.

Our findings are consistent with other recent polls suggesting that most Republicans now believe in climate change and support government action to address it. [Continue reading…]

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