Biden says his health is fine — ‘it’s just my brain’

Biden says his health is fine — ‘it’s just my brain’

The Daily Beast reports:

Joe Biden’s week from hell was punctuated on the Fourth of July, with sources revealing he told Democratic governors behind closed doors that he, the most powerful politician on the planet, has asked his advisers to no longer schedule events that begin later than 8 p.m.

It’s a bombshell revelation, first reported by The New York Times, that further calls into question Biden’s fitness and position atop Democrats’ presidential ticket.

Biden has been adamant since his disaster of a debate a week ago that he has no plans to bow out of the 2024 election, despite some top Democrats, donors, and physicians sharing publicly that he’s physically incapable of another four years.

Thursday’s report appears to confirm Biden backers’ biggest fears—that, at 81, the president has become a part-time leader, only comfortable serving in his full capacity early in the day.

Sources told the Times that Biden said he’s stepping back from evening events so he can get more sleep. The comments came in a meeting with Democratic governors who flew to Washington for a meeting Wednesday that Biden’s camp hoped would reassure he’s still in command of his job.

Since Biden’s debate performance, in which he struggled to speak coherently at times and did little to push back against an avalanche of lies spewed by Donald Trump, there’s been multiple damning reports about his declining cognitive state. [Continue reading…]

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