James Carville on Biden: ‘That which can’t continue … won’t.’

James Carville on Biden: ‘That which can’t continue … won’t.’

Axios reports:

The public backing of former presidents and current members of Congress says little about Biden’s future.

  • Most know him too well and for too long to humiliate him in public.
  • Instead, if he decides to go, it’ll follow private conversations with them — then a decision with this oligarchy [Dr. Jill Biden; his younger sister, Valerie Biden; and 85-year-old Ted Kaufman, the president’s longtime friend and constant adviser — plus a small band of White House advisers]. Remember, it’s under eight weeks until Biden is ratified as the official nominee. That’s the clock to watch.

What they’re saying: James Carville — the “Ragin’ Cajun” who masterminded Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign in 1992, and now is a frequent TV pundit — will be 80 in October. He told us that if he appeared like Biden did during the debate, he’d want to be pulled off the tube.

  • “I never thought this was a nifty idea,” Carville said of Biden’s run. He said there are few people the president really listens to: “He doesn’t have advisers. He has employees.”

When we pressed Carville on whether he thinks Biden will be off the ticket by Election Day, he said he thinks so. He invoked a famous quote by the late economist Herb Stein, which Carville paraphrased as: “That which can’t continue … won’t.”

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