Poland rolls out plans for fortifications along its border with Russia and Belarus

Poland rolls out plans for fortifications along its border with Russia and Belarus

The Associated Press reports:

Defense officials in NATO member Poland on Monday presented a plan to strengthen anti-drone surveillance and on-ground military defense through a system of fortifications and barriers along about 700 kilometers (430 miles) of its eastern border with Russia and Russian ally Belarus.

The government says Poland, which supports neighboring Ukraine in its defense against Russia’s aggression, is being targeted by hostile actions from Russia and Belarus. They include cyberattacks, attempted arson and migrants being pushed illegally across the border, which officials describe as intended to destabilize the European Union, of which Poland is a member.

The government is also making preparations in the case of a military attack, while stressing the primary role of deterrence.

The government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk has planned a range of security measures including in cyberspace, as well as a more than $2.5 billion investment in strengthening surveillance, deterrence and defense along the eastern border, a system known as Shield-East that is to be completed in 2028. Work on it has started, officials said. [Continue reading…]

DPA reports:

Poland is to restrict the movement of Russian diplomats on the grounds that Russia is engaging in hybrid warfare targeting Poland and the European Union, Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski announced in Brussels on Monday.

Sikorski said a diplomatic note to this effect would soon be sent to the Russian embassy in Warsaw.

The restrictions will not apply to the Russian ambassador but to all other diplomats working at the embassy and at consulates, who will be restricted to the regions around their respective locations.

“I hope that Russia will understand this as an extremely serious warning,” Sikorski said.

The Polish government attributes cyberattacks and several large fires to Russian intelligence agencies. [Continue reading…]

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