EU’s Borrell says some European countries are trying to intimidate ICC judges, while Israel slams Germany

EU’s Borrell says some European countries are trying to intimidate ICC judges, while Israel slams Germany

Reuters reports:

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Friday some European countries were trying to intimidate International Criminal Court judges over a case against Israeli leaders, and must stop “meddling” and respect the court.

ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan announced on Monday that he had filed for arrest warrants against Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, as well as three Hamas leaders.

“The prosecutor has done nothing more than make an accusation and the court will decide,” Borrell told Spanish broadcaster TVE. “In the meantime, I ask everyone, starting with the Israeli government and some European governments, not to intimidate the judges.”

“Don’t threaten them, don’t try to influence their decision, sometimes with threats and very harsh disqualifications,” he added.

Khan accused the three Hamas leaders of crimes including extermination, hostage taking and sexual violence, and the two Israeli leaders of crimes including extermination, using hunger as a weapon and intentionally attacking civilians.

Israel denies committing war crimes in Gaza, says the ICC has no jurisdiction there and has called on countries to repudiate what it considers a politically motivated rogue court. Hamas has also rejected the accusations against its leaders.

Several countries have denounced the ICC prosecutor’s decision to seek the arrest of the Israelis, including the United States, Israel’s closest ally, which is not a member of the ICC. Hungary on Thursday described the request for arrest warrants as a “political decision” that discredited the court. [Continue reading…]

The Times of Israel reports:

Israel on Thursday slammed a statement from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s office that Berlin would arrest and deport Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if the International Criminal Court implements a warrant for his arrest.

“I am old enough to remember the German leader coming here days after October 7, and stating that Hamas are the new Nazis. They seek a genocide against the Jews. Many in the world need to check their moral compass and be on the right side of history,” government spokesman Avi Hyman told Fox News. (It was Netanyahu, not Scholz, who said “Hamas are the new Nazis” during the German chancellor’s visit to Israel.)

When asked on Wednesday whether Berlin would execute a potential ICC arrest order, German spokesman Steffen Hebestreit responded, “Of course. Yes, we abide by the law.” [Continue reading…]

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