The theatrics of genocidal impunity

The theatrics of genocidal impunity

Farhan Mujahid Chak writes:

On May 1, a draft resolution was submitted to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to declare July 11 a day of remembrance for the 1995 Srebrenica genocide. The document was put forward by Germany and Rwanda and co-sponsored by the United States and other countries. It will be debated and voted on during a UNGA session on May 23.

The actions the draft resolution lays out – including condemnation of genocide denial and prohibiting glorification of war criminals – are undeniably important and necessary.

The proposal to have an official day of commemorating the Bosnian genocide comes amid historical revisionist efforts by officials of Republika Srpska, one of the post-war entities that falls within the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Republika Srpska authorities have tried to whitewash and cover up war crimes committed by Serb forces in the Bosnian war, including the massacre of 8,372 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica, then a designated UN safe zone. Its president, Milorad Dodik, has also engaged in various provocations, threatening the stability and territorial integrity of Bosnia.

However, the timing and sponsors of this submission to the UNGA raise troubling questions that need to be addressed. Why has it taken countries like Germany and the US so long to come up with this resolution? And why are they pushing for it now, as they stand accused of complicity in what the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has described as “plausible genocide”?

For years, the US and Germany – as well as other European countries – have ignored appeals from Bosnia to act on threats to stability and genocide denial emanating from Republika Srpska. They have even appeared to appease it, as well as its backer, the Serbian government, amid the tug-of-war with Russia over Serbia’s future with the European Union and its position on Ukraine.

At the same time, they are credible and persuasive arguments that both the US and Germany have become complicit in the Gaza genocide by providing direct military, economic and diplomatic support for Israel. [Continue reading…]

Sen. Bernie Sanders: We cannot apply international law only when it’s convenient


UN independent human rights experts on May 10:

UN experts today expressed utter dismay over statements made by United States and Israeli officials threatening to retaliate against the International Criminal Court (ICC), its officials and members of their families.

“At a time when the world should unite to end the terrible bloodshed in Gaza and seek justice for those unlawfully killed, injured, traumatised, or taken hostage, since October 7, it is distressing to see State officials threatening to retaliate against a Court for pursuing international justice,” the experts said.

On Friday, 3 May, the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) denounced statements that “threaten to retaliate against the Court or against Court personnel” for actions taken by the Prosecutor. The OTP’s statement reminded all individuals that threats of retaliation may amount to an offense against the administration of justice under Article 70 of the Rome Statute.

“It is shocking to see countries that consider themselves champions of the rule of law trying to intimidate an independent and impartial international tribunal to thwart accountability,” the experts said. [Continue reading…]

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