Prominent Palestinian doctor tortured and killed in Israeli detention

Prominent Palestinian doctor tortured and killed in Israeli detention

Middle East Eye reports:

Adnan al-Bursh, a Palestinian surgeon and professor of orthopaedic medicine, was killed by torture while in Israeli detention, according to a statement from the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society.

In what has been termed a “deliberate assassination”, Bursh, 50, died in the Israel-controlled Ofer prison in the occupied West Bank on 19 April, according to the Palestinian Civil Affairs Committee, and his body remains withheld.

Another detainee, Ismail Abdul Bari Khader, 33, also died in custody, according to the joint statement, and his body was handed over on 2 May along with 64 other prisoners.

“The two victims died of torture and crimes committed against Gazan detainees,” the statement said.

Bursh was the head of orthopaedic medicine at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City and had been arrested in December, around the same time that he had reportedly been wounded by Israeli bombardment at the Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza. [Continue reading…]

The Times of Israel reports:

A spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces said that the prison service had declared Bursh dead on April 19, saying that he had been detained for national security reasons in Ofer prison. The IDF has offered no further information at this time.

Dr Adnan is one of many Palestinian medical professionals detained and tortured by Israelis:




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