Distraction from the Gaza genocide

Distraction from the Gaza genocide

Tariq Kenney-Shawa writes:

Iran’s highly-choreographed attack achieved exactly what it intended, gaining valuable intel on Israeli, American, and regional air defense capabilities, costing Israel and its US benefactors over $1 billion in a single night, proving Israel’s dependency on the US, and further eroding Israel’s image of military invincibility. In doing so, Iran also sent a clear message that its drones and missiles could cause significantly more damage if launched without warning, while still preserving a window for de-escalation.

It’s important to understand that Iran acted for its own interests on April 13th, not in response to Israel’s massacre of more than 33,000 Palestinians. There is also no doubt that Iran’s attack has already diverted attention away from Israel’s genocide in Gaza, and will temporarily stifle growing calls to condition or cut military aid to Israel. Indeed, little attention was paid to reports of Israeli forces opening fire on Palestinians in northern Gaza just hours after Iran’s attack concluded. Meanwhile, Israel will use this opportunity to double down on its position as a David versus a region of Goliaths, despite being a nuclear-armed regional military hegemon. Thus, while Iran’s operation was self-serving, it likewise presented a perfect distraction for Israel from its genocidal assault on Gaza and mounting calls for accountability.

Even so, while calls to condition Western military aid have indeed grown, the weapons deliveries have continued uninterrupted. The truth is, the international narrative shift, momentous as it may be, has amounted to little more than rhetoric. Palestinians continue to be massacred by Israeli forces in broad daylight, with or without Iran’s global distraction.

Israel has made clear its determination to respond to Iran’s retaliatory strikes with further escalation. While President Biden has insisted that US forces will not participate in further Israeli attacks on Iran, he continues to refuse to impose red lines on Israel. Regardless of Biden’s warnings, it is highly unlikely that the US will leave Israel on its own to navigate a future attack against Iran or a subsequent defense. What is clear is that Israel will seize the current regional escalation as an opportunity to distract the world from its genocidal campaign in Gaza and the US will continue to do nothing to stop it. [Continue reading…]

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