Trump tries to boost support for Truth Social as DJT stock tanks

Trump tries to boost support for Truth Social as DJT stock tanks

CNBC reports:

Donald Trump on Friday urged his followers to support his social media app Truth Social, as its parent company’s stock continues to sink lower.

Trump in a post on that app said he believes Truth Social embodies the political “movement” behind his “Make America Great Again” presidential campaign slogan, adding that “it shows the Spirit and Love of our Country.”

“If people who believe in putting America First and want to Make America Great Again, support TRUTH,” Trump wrote.

“We will be your Voice like never before, and a Real Voice is what our Country needs, because we are in decline, and must bring America to Greatness,” he wrote.

It was not clear whether Trump was urging his supporters to use the app or buy shares in Trump Media, which started publicly trading on the Nasdaq last month.

The stock, which trades under the ticker DJT, shot up more than 50% in its March 26 debut but has tumbled lower in subsequent trading days.

Trump Media’s share price on Friday dipped below $30, a decline of more than $40 from its roaring start. It was down more than 4% on Friday as of 11:30 a.m. ET, following even larger declines on Thursday and Wednesday. Shares are down 50% so far in April. [Continue reading…]


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