U.S. intel warns of imminent Iranian strike on Israel

U.S. intel warns of imminent Iranian strike on Israel

The Daily Beast reports:

The Biden administration believes that an Iranian attack on Israel is imminent, according to a Bloomberg report released Wednesday.

The dramatic escalation would come days after a strike on an Iranian mission in Damascus killed a top Iranian commander and other IRGC officials. Iran has blamed Israel for the attack and vowed to retaliate.

The Israeli military has been on “heightened” alert for possible attacks from Iran in the aftermath of the assassination, although it has not publicly claimed responsibility for the deadly Damascus strike. The Israeli Defense Forces have been preparing for a possible strike from Tehran by boosting air defenses, jamming GPS, and canceling leave for soldiers in combat units.

The attack could come in the form of missile or drone strikes against Israeli government sites, Bloomberg reported. The attack could come from Iran or from its proxies in the region, according to Bloomberg. [Continue reading…]

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