‘Make the RNC white again’: GOP ends minority outreach program

‘Make the RNC white again’: GOP ends minority outreach program

The Daily Beast reports:

After years of accusations of financial mismanagement, the Republican National Committee is overhauling its 2024 election operations—a full-on MAGA makeover that the RNC claims will curb excessive spending and steer as much money as possible to supporting Donald Trump’s campaign.

But it appears that one of those strategic spending moves may have a profound effect on a successful minority outreach program, which two people with knowledge of the plans characterized as self-defeating, potentially erasing gains with groups of gettable new voters who have cooled on the Democratic Party.

As one of the sources put it to The Daily Beast, the tagline might as well be “Make the RNC White Again.”

The program at issue is an initiative from the 2022 midterms where RNC field staff engaged voters through gatherings and events held at community centers in areas with heavy minority populations, most specifically Latino communities. [Continue reading…]

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