‘This war must end,’ Jordan’s King Abdullah insists after talks with Biden

‘This war must end,’ Jordan’s King Abdullah insists after talks with Biden

AFP reports:

Jordan’s King Abdullah II appealed for a full ceasefire to end the war in Gaza after talks with Joe Biden, striking a discordant note with the US president who is seeking a shorter six-week pause to allow Israel time to defeat Hamas.

Speaking at the White House with Abdullah by his side, Biden said civilians in the southern city of Rafah must be protected as Israel considers a ground incursion, while the Jordanian warned against any offensive at all.

Biden, 81, said that the United States was working to negotiate a pause in fighting of least six weeks in the Gaza strip as part of a wider deal that would also involve the release of hostages.

“We need a lasting ceasefire now. This war must end,” said the Jordanian monarch, who has repeatedly pushed for a full truce to end the conflict that started when Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

In his first face-to-face meeting with Biden since the attack, Abdullah said the world “cannot afford an Israeli attack” on Rafah.

“It is certain to produce another humanitarian catastrophe. We cannot stand by and let this continue.” [Continue reading…]

Reuters reports:

Jordan’s King Abdullah participated in an airdrop of humanitarian aid to Gaza, in a move highlighting his kingdom’s role in pushing Israel to stop restricting efforts to help fend off illness, hunger and starvation in the war-torn enclave, officials said on Sunday.

A video released by state-owned Al Mamlaka showed the monarch in military gear on board a plane in the latest mission by the Jordanian air force to drop urgent medical supplies to field hospitals it runs in the enclave. According to official media, the latest airdrop was on Tuesday.

It has conducted 11 airdrops, with at least two conducted with the French and Dutch air forces, to deliver medical aid. [Continue reading…]

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