In Judge Kaplan’s court, Trump plays with fire

In Judge Kaplan’s court, Trump plays with fire

The Washington Post reports:

In the high-stakes world of presidential trials, there are no judges like Lewis A. Kaplan.

At 79, after decades on the bench, the senior judge is one of the most well-regarded legal minds in New York. And he has a unique history that makes Donald Trump’s courtroom behavior over the past week potentially dangerous for the former president of the United States.

Trump is on trial in a civil case as writer E. Jean Carroll seeks damages from Trump, who has been found liable for defaming her when he made disparaging remarks denying he sexually assaulted her decades ago in a department store.

Trump has claimed he intends to testify in the case on Monday — which would probably produce a dramatic courtroom showdown. But it’s unclear whether Trump will really show up. For one thing, he has made similar claims in the past and then not appeared. For another, Tuesday happens to be the day of the New Hampshire primary, and Trump is again running for president.

If he does testify, legal experts said, his time on the witness stand could be something akin to a suicide mission. [Continue reading…]

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