‘Please guys, wake up’: European leaders push Biden, Congress on Ukraine

‘Please guys, wake up’: European leaders push Biden, Congress on Ukraine

Politico reports:

A group of European parliamentarians who are in Washington to drum up more support for Ukraine have a message for lawmakers and the White House: Get your act together.

The group is wrapping up a frustrating week spent meeting with policymakers and lawmakers, and is ready to leave town unsure of America’s place in European security after finding their U.S. counterparts unable, or unwilling, to act on important issues.

The parliamentarians spent the week “pleading with Americans to be Americans, to be engaged, to be focused, to be disciplined, and to work as closely as possible with us,” Ali Ehsassi, chair of the Canadian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, told reporters on Thursday.

The message from other lawmakers in the group from the U.K., France, Spain, Lithuania and the Czech Republic were the same. They’re fed up watching the Biden administration struggle with Congress to support Kyiv in beating back the Russian troops still occupying a large swath of Ukraine.

“It’s painful, but you have to spend 80 percent of your energy waking up Washington to be Washington,” said Žygimantas Pavilionis, chair of the Lithuanian parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee. [Continue reading…]

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