Gaza after nine weeks of relentless Israeli bombing

Gaza after nine weeks of relentless Israeli bombing

The New York Times reports:

Nine weeks ago, the Gaza Strip was a bustling home to more than two million people. Today, neighborhoods have been flattened by Israeli airstrikes and farming communities have been bulldozed by invading Israeli tanks.

Video and satellite imagery captured in late November and early December reveals a devastating transformation in much of northern Gaza.

The Port of Gaza used to be a lifeline for the Gazan fishing industry, with a fish market next to the shore.

But now the entire area is wrecked.

Satellite imagery shows that the fighting has resulted in heavy damage to almost every corner of Gaza City, far beyond the port area. A U.N. assessment in early November found that at least 6,000 buildings had been damaged with about a third of them destroyed.

Israeli officials vowed to destroy Hamas in the wake of the group’s surprise Oct. 7 attack and have since subjected Gaza to one of the most intense bombing campaigns of the 21st century. [Continue reading…]

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