Biden’s EPA launches crackdown on planet-warming methane

Biden’s EPA launches crackdown on planet-warming methane

Politico reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency unveiled sweeping new regulations targeting methane emissions from the oil and gas sector on Saturday, a significant milestone for President Joe Biden’s strategy for curbing the pollution driving up the Earth’s temperatures.

The rule’s 3 a.m. rollout was timed to coincide with the ongoing U.N. climate talks in Dubai, where the U.S. has sought to play a leading role in global efforts to reduce emissions of the powerful planet-heating gas. But its biggest test will be in the legal arena at home, where conservatives on the Supreme Court have slapped down regulations the justices viewed as White House overreach.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan in a statement called the rule a “strong action” that “significantly” curbs methane pollution.

“We’ve crafted these technology standards to advance American innovation and account for the industry’s leadership in accelerating methane technology,” he said.

The U.S. is also hosting a separate methane summit Saturday in Dubai alongside China and the United Arab Emirates. China, the world’s top source of methane pollution, agreed in a deal with the U.S. last month to address methane in its next 10-year climate plan, which is due in 2025. [Continue reading…]

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