Senior IDF officer dismissed pre-October 7 intel on Hamas invasion as ‘fantasy’

Senior IDF officer dismissed pre-October 7 intel on Hamas invasion as ‘fantasy’

The Times of Israel reports:

Soldiers in the IDF’s prestigious 8200 signal intelligence unit reportedly warned senior officers before the October 7 atrocities that Hamas was preparing a highly organized and meticulously planned mass invasion of Israel but were told their concerns were “fantasies.”

A senior and experienced non-commissioned officer as well as a junior officer in 8200 alerted senior IDF officers well in advance that a major operation was being planned by Hamas, but their warnings went unheeded, according to Thursday reports on Channel 12 and the Kan public broadcaster.

The exposés piled onto several others from the past month that revealed other information the IDF had on a possible Hamas invasion, including reports filed by IDF surveillance soldiers based on the Gaza border who detailed unusual Hamas training exercises three months before October 7.

According to Channel 12’s report on Thursday, the NCO in Unit 8200 put together a report from an array of raw intelligence data detailing a scenario that essentially predicted the October 7 invasion.

She, together with the junior officer, also pointed to a Hamas drill a month before the Hamas attack, noting that it included preparations for a mass invasion with multiple entry points into Israel. [Continue reading…]

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