The five most eye-opening lines in the antitrust lawsuit against Amazon

By | September 26, 2023

Politico reports:

A heavily redacted, 172-page lawsuit reveals how Amazon allegedly orchestrated a long-running campaign to muscle out competitors from the online retail space by financially squeezing merchants who rely on its platform.

It’s a landmark case that will cement the legacy of FTC Chair Lina Khan, who first gained public attention going after Amazon. It’s also a key pillar in the Biden administration’s push to curb the alleged monopoly power of the nation’s largest tech companies.

“There is immediate harm that is ongoing here,” Khan said Tuesday. “Sellers are paying one of every two dollars to Amazon. Shoppers are paying higher prices as a result not just on Amazon but across the internet.”

Amazon, though, said a win for the Biden administration will hurt competition, and reduce the options for small businesses to market their products online.

Here are five of the toughest things the FTC says about Amazon in the suit: [Continue reading…]

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