Russian TV teases launch of Tucker Carlson show

By | September 23, 2023

BBC News reports:

Russian TV news channel Rossiya 24 has aired a trailer for a weekend show featuring former Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson.

The state-run broadcaster did not make clear whether it will feature original content or be a translation of his regular English-language videos on X.

Carlson abruptly left Fox News in April where his populist conservative takes were renowned.

Rossiya 24 has not yet said when the show will air.

The advert, first shared earlier this month, aired again on 22 September with the words “on the weekend” but no further details.

In it Carlson is seen repeatedly saying the word “Russia” – in what appeared to be clips spliced together from earlier broadcasts – and concludes with footage of him saying the word “24”.

This was accompanied by on-screen text reading: “The high-profile American presenter is moving to another level. Here.” [Continue reading…]

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