Cheese consumption might be linked to better cognitive health, study suggests

By | September 16, 2023

PsyPost reports:

A recent scientific publication by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)’s Nutrients journal suggests there might be a correlation between regular cheese consumption and better cognitive health in the elderly population.

Over the years, the nexus between dietary habits and their impact on physical well-being has been firmly established. However, the realm of cognitive health and its relation to food intake is an area that’s still being actively explored. Dairy products, especially milk and cheese, have previously been under the microscope, with some studies hinting at their protective benefits for the brain — but the evidence has been inconsistent.

As the global prevalence of cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s, continues to surge, pinpointing dietary and lifestyle factors that could mitigate risk becomes paramount. This recent study was rooted in the premise of prior research which suggested a beneficial association between cheese intake and cognitive acumen.

The research team analyzed data from 1,516 participants aged 65 and above, recruited from a participant pool of a geriatric survey that the team conducted once per year, every two years. These individuals, who were all based in Tokyo, Japan, were subjected to detailed assessments concerning their dietary patterns, with a special focus on cheese consumption. [Continue reading…]

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