Nearly a third of Republicans now view Trump as ‘unfavorable,’ Pew poll

By | July 24, 2023

Insider reports:

Former President Donald Trump’s becoming more and more unfavorable amongst Republicans as the 2024 presidential election approaches, according to a recent Pew Research poll.

According to the poll, conducted between July 10 and 16, the share of Republican and Republican-leaning independents who view the former president as “unfavorable” has risen from 24% in 2022 to 32% in 2023. The poll also found that Trump’s “favorable” rating amongst Republican and Republican-leaning independents has decreased over the past year, going from 75% to 66%.

The findings from the Pew Research poll come at the same time Trump has begun to separate himself from the rest of the GOP presidential playing field. [Continue reading…]

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