‘Resting,’ fired, believed dead: Russia’s missing generals reveal cracks in faltering military

By | July 15, 2023

CNN reports:

To lose one general during a war that’s going badly might be seen as unfortunate; to lose two within 24 hours looks careless. But that is what’s happened to the Russian command in southern Ukraine – and the two cases illustrate further deficiencies and dissent among Russia’s military leadership.

Early Tuesday, a Ukrainian missile slammed into a hotel in the coastal town of Berdyansk that had been taken over by the Russian military.

One of many reported Russian casualties was Lieutenant General Oleg Tsokov, the deputy commander of the Southern Military District and a key figure in Russia’s defense of occupied areas of southern Ukraine. He is thought to have been the most senior among the roughly 10 Russian generals killed in the campaign in Ukraine to date.

It appears to have been no secret that the 58th Combined Arms Army had made the Dune hotel its headquarters – but Tsokov had nevertheless moved in. And that after being badly wounded last fall in a Ukrainian strike near Svatove. [Continue reading…]

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