House Democrats demand probe of Comer’s indicted ‘missing’ Biden informant

By | July 12, 2023

The Daily Beast reports:

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee called for an investigation on Wednesday into whether the committee’s Republicans relied on falsehoods and misinformation provided by Gal Luft, a supposed “whistleblower” in the Biden family probe who has been charged with being an unregistered foreign agent for China and lying to investigators.

In a letter to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D0MAD) and Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) brought up the laundry list of charges against Luft, claiming the recently unsealed indictment by the Justice Department “eviscerates and credibility” Luft has as a witness.

“We are concerned that an official committee of the House of Representatives has been manipulated by an apparent con man who, while a fugitive from justice, attempted to fortify his defense by laundering unfounded and potentially false allegations through Congress,” the letter reads.

“Although Mr. Luft has been on the run for months, you touted him as a ‘potential witness’ and even prepared to interview him as part of your investigation,” the statement continues. “As recently as Friday, you described Mr. Luft as ‘a very credible witness’ about matters relating to the President’s son’s financial dealings with Chinese companies.”

The committee Democrats also said that it “appears as if Mr. Luft sought ‘whistleblower’ status to shield himself from prosecution, as the indictment was actually handed down last November and he was initially arrested in Cyprus in February. Luft had since been on the run after he skipped bail in April.

Adding that the reliance on Luft as a witness raised concerns that he may have been manipulating Republicans “in furtherance of the CCP’s efforts to undermine U.S. security interests and the President of the United States,” the Democrats urged Comer to launch an investigation “into whether the Committee may have been unwittingly duped by Mr. Luft.” [Continue reading…]

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