Tucker Carlson, fired by Fox, gets Moscow job offer from Putin’s lead propagandist, Vladimir Solovyov

By | April 24, 2023

Gabriel Sherman reports:

The media world was blindsided by the news that Tucker Carlson and Fox News would be parting ways. So was Carlson.

On Monday morning, Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott called Carlson and informed him he was being taken off the air, and his Fox News email account was shut off. According to a source briefed on the conversation, Carlson was stunned by his sudden ouster from his 8 p.m. show, the most watched program in cable news last month. Carlson was in the midst of negotiating the renewal of his Fox News contract through 2029, the source said. As of last week, Carlson had told people he expected the contract to be renewed.

Carlson has told people he doesn’t know why he was terminated. According to the source, Scott refused to tell him how the decision was made; she only said that it was made “from above.” Carlson has told people he believes his controversial show is being taken off the air because the Murdoch children intend to sell Fox News at some point. [Continue reading…]

Rolling Stone reports:

The sudden ouster of Tucker Carlson from his primetime perch at Fox News is drawing a flood of concern and complaint from MAGA world and other conservative voices, both mainstream and extreme.

Donald Trump’s spokesperson met the news on Twitter with a semi-conspiratorial take that Fox News is now a beholden part of the establishment. “Fox News is controlled opposition,” she wrote. “What is happening at Fox?” added Eric Trump, noting that the network has also recently dropped his wife Lara and right-wing commentator Dan Bongino. Donald Trump Jr. told Charlie Kirk that Carlson no longer being on the network “changes things permanently,” as he was “an actual thought-leader in conservatism.”

“It’s mind-blowing,” Don Jr. added, describing Carlson as “a once-in-a-generation-type talent.” [Continue reading…]

Click on the image in Kyle Walter’s tweet to see the full text of Vladimir Soloviev’s email to Carlson: