Ukraine says U.S. intelligence leaks won’t impact its planned offensive

By | April 14, 2023

The Wall Street Journal reports:

A senior Ukrainian official played down the seriousness of the online leak of classified U.S. intelligence documents, saying they would have no impact on a critical Ukrainian offensive planned for the coming weeks.

The leaked files “have no operational significance,” Mykhailo Podolyak, a Ukrainian presidential adviser, said in an interview. “They have no impact on the front line or the planning of the General Staff.”

The documents published so far don’t contain any major intelligence revelations regarding where, when and how Ukraine intends to regain the 18% of the country’s territory that remain occupied by Russia.

Only a fraction of the several hundred classified documents uploaded to a small Discord server between January and March have become public, however. It isn’t clear whether the remaining, undisclosed documents contain more damaging information, or whether they are already in Moscow’s possession.

As the U.S. government investigates one of the most serious intelligence breaches of recent decades, Ukrainian officials are publicly denying any serious damage from the leaks and say they are waiting for the right moment to launch the much-anticipated spring push. [Continue reading…]