Rep.-elect George Santos’s early life — odd jobs, bad debts and lawsuits

By | December 23, 2022

The New York Times reports:

The polite young customer service agent at the Dish Network call center in Queens spoke English and Portuguese, so when Brazilian immigrants had trouble with their billing or their satellite dish, their calls would be routed his way.

It was around 2012, and the man was George Santos, a son of Brazilian immigrants who, more than a decade later, would win a crucial election to Congress.

But on the campaign trail, Mr. Santos, 34, told a different story about his life: Around the same time that Dish Network records show he was working there, he was rising through the ranks at Citigroup in the first step of a lucrative Wall Street career that included a stint at Goldman Sachs.

Neither company could find a record of Mr. Santos’s employment, The New York Times reported on Monday, in an article that raised other questions about the life and dealings of the new Republican congressman-elect.

Mr. Santos has declined to directly address The Times’s reporting, which uncovered a criminal charge in Brazil and found potential omissions in his financial disclosures. He would not provide a résumé that could help verify his past jobs, with his lawyer accusing The Times of attempting to “smear his good name.”

On Thursday, with many calling for answers, Mr. Santos promised he would tell his story and address his constituents’ questions next week. His lawyer later declined to answer a list of questions from The Times.

But interviews with former friends and co-workers, and additional records reviewed by The Times, offer a fuller picture of Mr. Santos’s life. [Continue reading…]

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