Ukraine says victims from Izium mass grave show signs of torture

By | September 16, 2022

The Guardian reports:

Ukrainian officials have said some of the bodies pulled from a mass grave outside the recently recaptured city of Izium showed signs of torture.

Oleg Synegubov, the regional governor, said some of the more than 440 bodies buried in a forest near the north-eastern city also had their hands tied behind their backs.

“We are at the site of the mass burial of people, civilians who were buried here, and now, according to our information, they all have the signs of violent death,” Synegubov said at the site.

“There are bodies with hands tied behind [their backs]. Each fact will be investigated and will be properly and legally evaluated.”

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, on Thursday evening accused Russia of “leaving death everywhere” after the discovery of the site. He likened the find, in an area recaptured this week from Russian forces, to the previous mass killings of civilians in the cities of Bucha, outside Kyiv, and Mariupol. [Continue reading…]