Ukraine forces finally seeing impact of arms from West, says Zelenskiy

Ukraine forces finally seeing impact of arms from West, says Zelenskiy

The Guardian reports:

Ukrainian forces are finally seeing the impact of western weapons on the frontlines of the war with Russia, Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said.

Experts say while western equipment has been crucial for pushing back Russian forces, the west will need to scale up its supplies, and even mobilise its own defence industries, if it wants to avoid a war of attrition that Ukraine could lose.

During his nightly TV address, Zelenskiy said that thanks to western supplies, Ukrainian forces were advancing in two directions in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions on Ukraine’s southern front and dealing blows to Russia by hitting some of its logistics warehouses.

“Finally, [Ukraine] feels that western artillery is working very powerfully,” he said, adding that it had “inflicted very noticeable blows on warehouses and other points that are important for [Russia’s] logistics.” He said the Ukrainian strikes had “significantly reduced the offensive potential of the Russian army”. [Continue reading…]

The Kyiv Independent reports:

It is an almost everyday occurrence in the Russian-occupied parts of eastern and southern Ukraine.

Russia’s ammunition depots blow up, with large fires erupting as tons of ordnance detonate for hours. Some of these incidents cause giant blasts with a radius of hundreds of meters.

Now that Ukraine has acquired advanced Western artillery and rocket systems, it has gradually begun a campaign to take out Russia’s key military infrastructure. Over the last four weeks, nearly 20 Russian ammunition depots in Russian-occupied Donbas and Ukraine’s south, including some of the largest, have been hit or completely destroyed.

As Russia continues with its slow but steady advance in Ukraine’s eastern region of Donbas, Ukraine’s military is working to undermine Russia’s overwhelming artillery power and disrupt its logistics deep in occupied territories. [Continue reading…]

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