Ukraine war has left at least 345 million people facing food insecurity

By | June 28, 2022

The Telegraph reports:

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left the world on the brink of a “triple F” crisis with at least 345 million people facing food insecurity, the World Food Programme has warned.

Matthew Hollingworth, the emergency coordinator for the WFP in Ukraine, said millions of extra people had been left vulnerable as a result of food, fuel and fertiliser shortages and a spike in prices triggered by the war.

“We are extraordinarily concerned for more than 345 million people in the world today who are facing acute levels of food insecurity, partially because of this war in Ukraine, partially because of increasing fuel prices and obviously, because of the ongoing impact of the Covid pandemic on the global economy,” Mr Hollingworth told BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme on Monday. [Continue reading…]