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Why Glenn Greenwald says Tucker Carlson is a true socialist

Jonathan Chait writes:

Glenn Greenwald’s long intellectual journey from center left to far left to, well, somewhere is a subject of fascination in elite circles. Greenwald comes out of a tradition of progressive journalism that focused primarily on attacking liberals and the Democratic Party from the left. Like many progressives, he latched on to Bernie Sanders’s two presidential campaigns as a righteous crusade to liberate the Democratic Party from the nefarious grip of its corporate, neoliberal masters.

After that, things got weird.

Some Bernie fans remained embittered with the Democratic Party. A handful of them broke with it — not only from the left, on foreign policy and economics, but also from the right on social policy, coming to believe the party’s elitist program was deliberately using facile identity politics to divert voters from a true working-class agenda.

Greenwald took this impulse even further by positioning himself as a frequent guest on Fox News, where he would reliably bash the Democrats from the standpoint of the “good progressive.” The distinction between Greenwald’s attacks on the Democratic Party from the left and the Fox News attacks on Democrats from the right has grown increasingly difficult to discern. Greenwald has finally erased the line, and perhaps completed his voyage of discovery across the ideological spectrum, in a new interview with the right-wing Daily Caller. [Continue reading…]

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