Senior GOP lawmakers grow anxious over Trump’s effort to overturn election results

By | November 20, 2020

CNN reports:

A growing number of veteran GOP lawmakers are pushing back on President Donald Trump’s tactics to overturn election results showing he lost the race, raising concerns that his tactics could hurt the US response to the coronavirus crisis and undercut a key pillar of democracy.

In recent days, more Republicans have spoken out — even though party leaders and a vast majority of congressional Republicans continue to back Trump’s efforts to challenge the results.

Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Rep. Kay Granger of Texas and Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan — all senior Republicans — have each raised concerns in recent days about the transition of power.

Their pleas come as Trump has yet to concede the general election, and the General Services Administration has yet to formally recognize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, thus denying him access to contacts with federal agencies, funding to help ramp up government hiring for the new administration and access to classified intelligence briefings. The delayed transition has sparked concerns about national security and the impacts it could have on the incoming Biden administration’s Covid-19 response, especially the distribution of a vaccine. [Continue reading…]

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