Jared Kushner tells Black people they’re lazy and unambitious — and hopes they’ll vote for Trump

By | October 27, 2020

Bess Levin writes:

For anyone who’s not entirely up to speed on first son-in-law Jared Kushner’s backstory, a brief primer: the son of a wealthy real estate developer who went to prison, in part for retaliating against his brother-in-law for cooperating with federal investigators by hiring a prostitute to seduce the guy, filming the encounter, and sending it to his sister, Kushner attended Harvard to which his dad had reportedly conveniently pledged $2.5 million shortly before he was accepted. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, he drove a Range Rover around campus, and according to a classmate, “He didn’t do it with a sense of humor. He did it, like, ‘I’m fucking rich.’” At 27, he became CEO of his family’s business while his father was in prison and was known for, among other things, buying an aging skyscraper on the eve of the financial crisis for a then record price of $1.8 billion—a deal that subsequently blew up in his face. In 2006, he purchased the New York Observer for $10 million with what he said was his own money earned doing real estate deals during his time at Harvard, not mentioning that the backing for those investments reportedly came from his family. You may have also heard that he has zero government experience but got his current gig because his father-in-law is the president, which is also the only reason he was able to obtain his security clearance.

All of which is to say, when people think of hard-working, boot-strapping individuals who’ve succeeded purely on their own merits, they don’t think of the Boy Prince of New Jersey, who has effectively earned nothing in his life and has had everything handed to him by either his rich father or rich father-in-law, while nevertheless thinking he’s found himself on third base because he hit a triple. [Continue reading…]

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