Tara Reade allegations rattle Joe Biden’s VP search

Tara Reade allegations rattle Joe Biden’s VP search

Politico reports:

The job description for Joe Biden’s running mate has suddenly become more complicated: The Democratic vice presidential nominee must now defend him against sexual assault accusations without looking hypocritical.

It’s a particularly vexing problem for Biden’s potential picks, many of whom played lead roles in opposing the Senate Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in 2018. Democrats vigorously applied a “believe all women” standard as they rallied to support his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, leaving a trail of unambiguous statements at sharp odds with the role they’ll need to play for Biden in a general election.

“The job of being the vice presidential candidate is always hard and now it’s just harder because of this. But they don’t really have a choice,” said Susannah Randolph, a top Florida progressive activist and former congressional candidate.

“The fact is, to be a running mate, you have to be a team player and step up where your team is weak or fill that role where they need you,” she said. “This comes with the job.”

Advisers to four of the potential candidates who spoke to POLITICO — none of whom would go on record — expressed what they described as a sense of frustration that accusations against Biden are being examined more intensely than the more numerous allegations against President Donald Trump.

The advisers all said they hoped Biden would speak out soon, but conceded there’s no way he — or those in contention to be his running mate — can continue to avoid the subject as they run for office or jockey to be on the Democratic ticket. [Continue reading…]

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